Gift Guide For Every Occasion

Personalised Gift Box

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration when shopping for gifts year after year. This gift guide for every occasion will hopefully give you the inspiration find the perfect gifts through the year, perfect for every occasion.


Throughout the year, we experience the continuous flow of upcoming birthdays. This can often be tricky to plan for, resulting in impersonal last minute gifts with very little thought. When purchasing a birthday gift, we believe that the more personal and thoughtful, the better. For such an occasion, personalised birthday gifts can be the perfect surprise as they show the care you have put into their gift, making them feel special on their special day.

anniversary and valentine’s day

When shopping for your other half for Anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, a gift that reflects the two of you as a couple is always very well received. Whether this is created through personalised gifts with special messages or simply through a present that reflect a common interest or hobby, this kind of present shows the love and thought that has gone into choosing their gift.

wedding day

When shopping for a wedding day gift, the more special the gift the better as these serve as special keepsakes. This does not mean you have to go overboard and spend a huge amount of money, something personalised to remind them of their special day or the life they have shared together is a really thoughtful gesture.

mother’s and father’s day

For Father’s and Mother’s Day the perfect gifts are those that show your appreciation and love for your parents. The present itself could link to their personal interests, or be something they can use while doing the thing they enjoy. A personalised gift with a heartfelt message to let them know how much they mean to you, will be something they will treasure for a long time.


A great housewarming gift is something that can be utilised in the recipient’s new home. A wall art print could make the perfect gift, doubling up as a finishing touch for a room in their home. Other homeware items such as pizza boards or wine glasses, which can be personalised, would be a lovely unique gift to symbolise their move and their journey to making it a home. A personalised gift is often something that recipients won’t already have, making the present even more special.

new baby and christening

New baby or Christening gifts can be tricky, as this is one of the only times you find yourself shopping for someone you don’t entirely know (yet!). Obviously this is because they’re new to the world and you can’t use their interests as a guide. However, a special gift such as a personalised baby bracelet or wall art for the nursery is something that will always be treasured by the family, reminding them of their baby and the gift they received from you.


And finally, the big one. The amount of people you might have to purchase for at Christmas time can sometimes be overwhelming. By creating an organised list of the people you need to buy a gift for, you can aim to stay on top of your Christmas shopping. There are no rules at Christmas, so gifts could range from beautiful wall art to special jewellery carefully selected for that special someone in your life. Gifts could also be more seasonal at Christmas time, with products such as personalised wine or sherry glasses to spread some festive cheer.

At Saffa Designs, we stock a range of personalised gifts, perfect for any occasion. To make it even easier, you can shop by occasion on our website to find even more inspiration.