Gifting Series: How To Choose The Perfect Gift

Undeniably, there is a lot of pressure that comes with gift giving. We all want to find the perfect gift because the better the gift and the happier the receiver is, the better we feel about our gift. See our previous post about Why We Love Gifting. Choosing a gift is more difficult if it’s the first time you’re buying something for a certain person, or when you want to achieve a certain goal with our gift. We’re here to help show you how to choose the perfect gift.

The easiest way of ensuring that the receiver will enjoy their gift is, of course, to ask if they want something specific. This might seem to be a boring, uncreative way to avoid the pressure of choosing a creative gift, however, most people prefer a gift that is usable and that they have a need for, more than getting something at random.

Thinking long term, choosing a gift that lasts and keeps on giving, is also a good way to improve your gifts perceived value. This adds the benefit that every time the receiver experiences or uses your gift, they will automatically think about you in a positive way, which will constantly reinforce your relationship.

Love You To The Moon and Back Leather Wristband Personalised Gift Box
Personalised Gift Box

Personalised gifts make for special presents that show tremendous thought and are almost guaranteed to be well received. Saffa Designs stock a range of personalised gift for any occasion, from jewellery to homewares or artwork. Most of our gifts also come with a personalised gift box for that extra special touch. 

The better you know a person, the easier it will be for you to get creative with your gift giving. You should always, even when you do not know the receiver too well, pay close attention to their interests though. Do you have any common interests? Do they have any niche interests or preferences that can provide great ideas for gifts? Gifting within those niche interests, especially when they are common between you and the receiver, will show them how much you value their personality and friendship.

Overall, allow yourself to be creative and give your choice of gift good thought before committing to it. However, do not get too hung up with the uniqueness and quirkiness of a gift, sometimes even the smallest things make the best presents – after all, it is still the thought that counts. Even if you think that your ideal gift might be cliché, if it feels like the right choice, chances are it is indeed ideal. If you need help with how to personalise your gift from our Saffa Designs website, feel free to message us via our live chat and we will be happy to assist you to make your gift perfect.

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