How To Create A Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is a great way to showcase your favourite pieces of art in a way that is enticing and shows off your personality. We’re looking at the things to think about and the best ways to hang up your art in a new and creative way, to really design a whole new look for your wall. 

Abstract Neutral Gallery Wall
Step 1: Pick Your Prints 

Like anything, when picking prints for your home you have to love the story they tell and how they will look in your home. That may mean choosing prints that are vibrant and vast in colour, or you may want to select a more toned down and natural approach to your prints. Whatever you decide, make sure they compliment each other, as well as the accessories in your room and leave a collocated feel to your room. 

Abstract Modern Grey Gallery Wall
Step 2: Think About Sizing  

Sizing is crucial in the design of a gallery wall. You don’t necessarily want all your prints the same size, unless you’re creating a grid layout. Instead, we recommend you choose a variety of sizes to create contrast, compliment the room and add a unique level to your interior. 

Abstract Pink Gallery Wall
Step 3: Plan Your Layout  

Before you hang up your new prints, consider the layout of the art. You may choose to have a print that is the statement piece, with the others guiding around it, or you may want to keep a random theme. Whatever you choose, we can help you out with our pre-selected gallery walls, for an effortless look that will add colour and texture to your walls.  

Leaves and Couples Gallery Wall
Step 4: Hang Your Prints Up 

Once you’ve selected a layout, it’s time to hang your prints up. The best way to showcase your gallery wall is to hang the prints up on a bare wall to avoid a cluttered look. This way the focal point of the room will be your new gallery wall.  

Abstract Line Art Ladies Gallery Wall
Step 5: Last Minute Changes  

Here you have the chance to change anything that doesn’t quite look right on your wall, but most of all make sure you take time to admire your work. It won’t be long before your guests will be asking how you created your gallery wall!

Some Of Our Pre-Selected Gallery Walls: