How To Decorate A Nursery

When decorating a child’s nursery or playroom, you have a lot more creative freedom to design a room that is inexpensive and reflects your personality, as well as your child’s. Here are our tips on how to decorate a nursery in a way that can grow with your child! 

Jungle Animal Nursery Print Set of 6 in white frames
1.     Keep it neutral! 

As it is inevitable your child will soon change their mind on the theme of their room, it is best to keep a neutral base throughout the nursery. Instead, we recommend switching up prints and personalised items, so the room can be updated whenever necessary.

Look at artwork like our Jungle Animal Nursery Print Set of 6, which keeps within a neutral tone and injects soft colour and imagination into the room with animals and an inspirational quote. A collection like this can be spread around the nursery to create a theme, or hung together to create a strong focal point. 

Personalised Space Themed Nursery Print in black frame with mount
Personalised Baby Name Nursery Print in a white frame
2.     Personalise it 

Personalised Prints are a firm favourite with our younger customers! Children love to see their name displayed, as it gives them a sense of ownership. Prints like our Personalised Space Themed Nursery Print are perfect for budding astronauts and adventurers, or we have softer artworks like our Personalised Baby Name Nursery Print, which is a stunning print gift for new or expecting parents.

Jungle Animals Print Set of 3 in natural wood frames with mounts
3.     Incorporate animals  

Animal Prints are a great way to keep the room gender neutral, especially if you’re decorating before knowing the gender of your baby. They also add a sense of wildlife and adventure, perfect for developing your little one’s imagination. Prints like our Jungle Animals Print Set of 3 is the perfect way to achieve this, turning your nursery into a wildlife safari park full of intrigue. 

some of our favourite nursery wall art: