Personalised Wedding Gifts For Their Special Day

Personalised Bridesmaid Champagne Glass

Personalised wedding gifts are the perfect gesture to celebrate one of the most important days in a couple’s life. The personalisation of a such a gift creates a thoughtful keepsake to commemorate their big day. Here at Saffa Designs, gifts can be personalised with a name, special message or date of your choice.

This kind of gift is unique to every couple, personalised with specific details of their wedding day. It is also a lovely way to congratulate a couple and celebrate their marriage each time they use or see the gift. The uniqueness created by personalisation makes gifting easier as many people already have everything, particularly couples who are getting married after building a family and home together. Personalised homeware gifts, such as engraved champagne flutes, additionally have a practical use, meaning they will be utilised for years to come. These gifts will also remind the couple of you and the part you played in their special day.


Although many couples may have a gift list or registry set out for guests to purchase from, a small personalised gift could be the perfect token to go alongside something they’ve requested. This is a thoughtful and personal gesture and shows the extra consideration that’s gone into their wedding gift. Don’t forget that purchasing from a gift list is not essential and sometimes outside of people’s price budget, so a personalised gift can be a great alternative to show how much you care.

At Saffa Designs, we also stock a range of wedding day accessories. These include products from cufflinks to champagne flutes and jewellery, which can be personalised for specific members of the wedding party.

These gifts could be exchanged between the couple themselves to symbolise their marriage and to act as a keepsake, used on the actual day. Alternatively, these accessories could also be a wonderful ‘thank you’ gift from the couple to their wedding party, with accessories such as cufflinks engraved with ‘Best Man’ or matching champagne flutes engraved with the names of bridesmaids or those closest to you on your wedding day. This provides a keepsake for each member of the wedding party and shows appreciation for everyone involved. 

Be sure to explore the wedding section of the Saffa Designs website to browse a variety of gifts and accessories, perfect for their special day. If you need help with the personalisation of any gifts on our website, be sure to reach out via our live chat on the Saffa Designs website and we will be happy to help.