Gifting Series: Why We Love Gifting

Human beings are social creatures that thrive through connections with other humans. Experiencing positive events together allows us to connect with each other and build strong interpersonal relationships. This basic need for social interaction and acceptance is the motivation we as humans have for gifting. Although we are mostly unaware of this deep-down desire, we observe the positive emotions that gifting gives us that make us feel good and we like to re-create this feeling.

Gifts are a great way to build and reinforce relationships, acting as a symbol of communication and expressing feelings of appreciation. Birthdays and Christmas are made extra special with gifts. We show appreciation to our parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day with a special present. Love and affection is celebrated with a gift on Valentines Day or an Anniversary. There really is a gift for any occasion or reason.

Gift Giving

A gift can be symbolic of the self (giver/receiver), symbolic of personal knowledge or symbolic of an occasion. Whatever the gift stands for, this way of showing love and appreciation, without expecting anything in return, is the purest form of acknowledging a positive relationship.

Why We Love Gifting

Due to the deep emotional complexity that gifting has, receiving or having a gift rejected can be just as damaging to a relationship than a fight with words – hard to believe, but true and out of our control. Hence, it is important to put thought into a gift and choose the perfect thing. If you need inspiration, read our next post about How To Choose The Perfect Gift.

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