Art In Your Home Series: How To Choose Your Perfect Piece Of Art

Whether you are building a new house, doing a refurb or simply want to give your existing home a fresh vibe and look, putting up some new artwork is a great way to really make yourself at home. When choosing the perfect art piece, however, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you are making the right choice for your home.

When redecorating a space, think about what you want it to look like and how you want the room to feel. Are you looking to inject a certain colour? Do you want it to follow a certain theme? Or are you trying to achieve a specific aesthetic? Undoubtedly, whatever art you choose should complement your interior design concept.

Leaves and Couples Gallery Wall

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see” – Henry David Thoreau

Orange Sun Tree Silhouette Print in a black frame with mount

Your art does not have to blend in. On the contrary, having a piece or collection that stands out from the rest of the room can be complementary to your aesthetic in its own way, acting as a focal point for the room, provoking conversation and thought. Alternatively, you might want the exact opposite, choosing artwork that creates tranquillity, promoting mindfulness and relaxation. By thinking about what you want to achieve with the art in a room, you can already narrow down what sort of artwork you are looking for before you start browsing. 

Whatever you are thinking of buying, the most important thing to consider is your personal taste. Only buy art that you really love and connect with, to achieve the desired effect for your space. As much as it can help to get recommendations from others, remember that your opinion and feelings matter the most. Read our post about Why We Need Art to learn more. If you want to fill a whole space and need inspiration, why not check out our Gallery Walls.

We offer a wide variety of wall art prints and artwork in all sizes, shapes and colours here at Saffa Designs to make sure that everyone finds something to fall in love with.

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