How To Create A Safari Themed Nursery

How To Create A Safari Themed Nursery

Decorating a nursery is one of the most exciting tasks when anticipating the arrival of a baby. Pinterest and Instagram can often leave parents longing for that picture perfect nursery, with little idea where to start. Not to mention the impending sleepless nights and other worries that come with a new baby. Luckily for you, we have taken some of the stress out of the job. This week we’re showing you how to create a safari themed nursery with wall art and personalised accessories. Unfortunately, you’re on your own with the rest… 

Animal and Safari themed nurseries have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are gender neutral, so perfect for growing families and they spark imagination, adventure and a love for nature, excellent traits that every child should enjoy. 

Get creative with simple diy ideas

This hot air balloon was created with an IKEA lamp shade, string, hessian for ‘weight bags’ and a plant pot. There are some great how-to guides to make simple things like this, that have a huge impact in creating a safari themed nursery that is guaranteed to fuel your little one’s imagination and sense of adventure.

This hanging sloth was even easier than the hot air balloon. A short length of thick rope, screwed into the wall in two corners of the room, makes for the perfect tree vine and the sloth teddy bear, with some velcro on his hands and feet, may as well be the real thing. 

Safari Nursery Hanging Sloth
Personalised Print In Nursery
Personalised prints

Personalised Prints are a great addition to any nursery or child’s bedroom, which will be appreciated well past just the toddler years. 

Our Personalised Baby Name Nursery Print is a lovely, gender neutral nursery print, so it’s perfect for any new born or toddler. The Elephant and Hot Air Balloon complement a safari theme well and the minimalistic colour scheme will suit any decor setting.

Personalised Baby Name Nursery Print
Gone Wild Nursery Prints
safari inspired wall art

Any safari themed nursery or bedroom needs to be filled with animals, great and small. Where a mural or painted wall is very permanent, prints can be rearranged or even replaced, so keeping your room fresh is effortless. Animal inspired prints are also educational and stimulating for your little one. 

Giraffe and Elephant Nursery Print Set of 3 in White Frames

Our Giraffe and Elephant Nursery Print Set looks stunning on a feature wall or above the crib. The Giraffe and Elephant are sitting in a meditation pose and the set comes with a third print, reading “Dream Big Little One”, a lovely sentiment for any child.

Jungle Animals Print Set of 3 in white frames

Our Jungle Animals Print Set is perfect for adding wildlife and botanical touches to your nursery. This print set of 3 features an Elephant, Lion and Giraffe, designed in geometric lines, against a jungle backdrop.

The crisp shapes are great for eye development, while babies are only able to focus on bold lines and shapes and the green hues create a calming and serene space for you and your baby.

Nursery Sun Print Set

Our Boho Sun Print Set is the perfect way to add an African sunrise and sunset to your safari wonderland. With warm hues, these boho prints are warm and inviting, just what you need when grappling with nap time! They also illustrate how each day begins and ends, which is not only educational, but will hopefully help you while you’re trying to put your little one down for the night.

soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are a great way of making a nursery feel complete and more comfortable. A fluffy rug, a throw over the feeding chair and some cushions, make the room feel warmer and more inviting and are a great way to add more animal inspired touches to your indoor safari.

A cushion for the nursery chair is a must, especially when you’re doing regular feeds or trying to settle your little one down for the night. Something like this Personalised Reserved For Mama Bear Cushion features your little one’s name and reserves the best seat for mum and her cub. 


Decorating a nursery doesn’t need to be stressful. It should be fun, exciting and a project that you can develop over time, one day with your child’s help as well. We hope this article has helped show you how to create a safari themed nursery that you will love as much as your little one/s. 

Saffa Designs stock a wide range of wall art prints perfect for any nursery or bedroom project. If you need further inspiration, feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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