Saffa Designs Donate Artwork To DIY SOS

Saffa Designs With The DIY SOS Team

In February 2020, we received a very exciting email here at Saffa Designs. The interior designer of the BBC series DIY SOS had seen some of our artwork online and asked us to donate a collection of pieces to help a family in need of a house make-over.

The Chapman family, who live in Charlton Kings, had recently lost one of their daughters to Myotonic Dystrophy – a genetic disorder that affects muscle functions. Sadly Sarah, the mother, and their other daughter Suzanne also suffer from this condition. Additionally, Peter, the husband and father of the family, had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which is a long-term condition that causes chronic pain all over the body. As tending to their medical ailments is undoubtedly the family’s top priority, the Chapmans were not able to fix up their three-bedroom home by themselves. The DIY SOS team around Nick Knowles took on the challenge of the much-needed improvements to the families’ bungalow, turning it into a home that provides all the comforts the family need to ease their medical conditions, whilst also functioning as a relaxing family home where the Chapmans can enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

Naturally, we were happy to help out and we donated six framed prints to this excellent cause. The BBC interior designer chose these abstract art pieces specifically for their bold colours and playfulness, to alleviate the stress of daily life and bring joy into the house. The pictures were displayed throughout the family’s home to create vibrant focal points and blend in with the interior design to spread calming and soothing vibes.

Our Directors, Kris and Mel, were able to join the other volunteers that have donated their time, craftsmanship and expertise to the DIY SOS team in the case of the Chapman family at the day of the big reveal. They were able to meet the DIY SOS core team, chat to other suppliers about the project and got to see the finished bungalow that was revealed later that day to the family. 

The DIY SOS team has been on a break since the Chapman’s renovation was filmed, however, they will soon return, featuring our prints in the Cheltenham episode which will air as part of the new series of the much-loved house improvement show.

Saffa Designs Artwork Donated to DIY SOS

After the strokes of fate, we hope that the tranquillity and positivity radiating from our artwork will help the Chapmans to feel right at home in their renovated house and encourages them to look into a bright, long and happy future.

The Prints We Donated: