Saffa Designs Partner With Ecologi For A Greener Future

Saffa Designs partner with Ecologi for a greener future

As a young team here at Saffa Designs, we are very aware of the environmental crisis our beautiful planet is in. Wanting to create a more sustainable and certain future, so that our children can enjoy the wonderful landscapes mother earth has to offer, we are paying particular attention to making every aspect of Saffa Designs environmentally friendly, from eliminating plastic packaging to offsetting our carbon footprint.

Planting Trees in Scotland

Shortly after founding the company, we partnered Saffa Designs up with Ecologi. Ecologi is an organisation that allows companies to become climate neutral and, eventually, climate positive by offsetting their carbon footprint. Because it is hard for one company to tackle their climate goals alone, Ecologi was set up for everyone to sign up to, no matter the size of the organisation, trade or location in the world. Everyone that signs up with Ecologi makes monthly payments, based on calculations of each business’ individual carbon footprint, which are then used to plant trees together with Eden Reforestation Projects, support environmental projects and start new ones all around the globe.

Planting trees and carbon reduction projects are the two ways Ecologi uses to strive towards a climate positive, industrial world. We at Saffa Designs are using our Ecologi contributions to help major re-forestation projects, including Scotland, Mozambique, Kenya and Nicaragua. The most important one, in the eyes of our Director Kris, however, is the Mangrove reforestation in Madagascar. Mangrove forests are able to absorb up to four times more carbon dioxide compared to upland forests, which makes them one of the most important ecosystems that needs to be preserved in the fight against climate change. As well as their climate regulating abilities, Mangrove forests are also amongst the most biologically diverse ecospheres, housing a huge variety of sea life, naturally filtrating the waters they grow in and providing vital protection for coastal lines.

Planting Trees

To make further positive impact to the atmospheric CO2 levels, a part of our Ecologi funds also goes to projects that aim to actively reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. The list of carbon reduction ventures supported by Ecologi is constantly growing and diversifying. It features projects such as building and maintaining solar, wind and hydro power plants in different parts of the world, building facilities to produce energy from biogas, landfill and geothermal resources and providing cleaner, more fuel-efficient cooking stoves to third-world countries, which not only helps the environment, but is also a humanitarian endeavour as it helps poor families to provide heat and cooked meals for their children.

Whilst our Ecologi membership helps us to achieve becoming a climate positive company, to us at Saffa Designs, it is also important that our products themselves are environmentally friendly. We use recycled and biodegradable materials to produce our merchandise and package it, print with ecological ink and frame our artwork in FSC certified wood. Additionally, having production labs in several different countries helps us to cut our carbon footprint for the shipping process. 

As of 1st January 2022, Saffa Designs have now committed to planting an additional tree for every order made with us. We think that all this makes our prints and personalised gifts all the more beautiful, not just for the eye, but also for knowing that they agree with an ecological lifestyle. If you want to know more about Ecologi and what we have achieved with them as Saffa Designs, you can check on our progress or donate to our forests here. 

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi