How To Make A Rented Space Feel Like Home

How To Make A Rented Space Feel Like Home

When renting your home, it is easy to feel restricted by the small print of a tenancy agreement. Being unable to paint, screw or decorate your home to its full potential can often leave renters surrounded by lacklustre white walls and lacking creativity in a space they desperately want to make their own. We’re sharing our hints on tips on how to make a rented space feel like home so that you can display your Saffa Designs wall art without the risk of losing that hefty deposit.

Place art on a shelf

Framed art doesn’t need to be hung on a wall. Placing a framed print on a shelf is a great way to display your art and inject your personality into your room. The best thing is, you don’t even need to touch your walls so there’s no risk of damage or marking. 

Empty Frame
ditch the frame

When we purchase wall art, we often assume that a frame is a necessary addition. However, ditching the frame and opting for the print alone can be a quirky and low maintenance solution to renting restrictions, perfect for spicing up your home without infuriating your landlord.

command strips

Whilst it may seem that options are limited when trying to hang framed art in a rented space, there are some nifty tools on the market to avoid marking walls. Command Strips come in a variety of sizes and strengths and can be used to hang artwork up to 7.2kg in weight, meaning you can frame your wall art to your hearts content. When applied correctly, they make for perfect damage-free hanging, making them a must have for any renter when decorating.

Check out their how-to video here.

Command Strips
sticky tack

Like Command Strips, sticky tack is another product you can use to hang prints in the home. We recommend only using it to hang smaller prints without a frame, as it will only support a small amount of weight. Opting for a colourless tac also means you will be less likely to be left with coloured residue on the walls post-removal.

Whilst tack is perhaps not the most ideal solution for long term renters, it is perfect for people, such as university students, who are frequently looking for decorating solutions for short term rentals.

decorative tape

Whilst a frame may not always be an option due to hanging issues, decorative tape can be a great way to add the illusion of a frame. Make sure to purchase decorative tape that is approved for use on walls to avoid pulling paint up when you eventually move out. However, using tape creatively to hang a piece of art is a simple and switchable alternative that can easily be changed as styles change.


Whilst using pegs with string or fairy lights to display artwork may sound strange, it is a great way to add several pieces of wall art to a space. Creating a collection of smaller wall art pieces and family photos with fairy lights adds a personal and homely feel to any rented space. Just use small pegs to hang your art to the string or lights. 

We hope that these decorating solutions will come in handy when hanging your wall art, alongside offering some much-needed reassurance that you don’t need to sacrifice your deposit for a well decorated home.