How To Style A Shelf

There is a common misconception that a bookshelf’s only purpose is to display books, but they have the ability to do so much more for a room. If done correctly, they can be an eminent feature in your home, that draws in on your personal styles and creates a display to showcase your favourite items. Below are some tips on how to style a shelf with Saffa Designs. 

Shelf Theme
Step 1: Choose a theme  

Deciding on a theme is essential for you to have a vision on what you want your shelf to look like. Incorporate your rooms interior and let your creative freedom go wild. Think neutral tones with bursts of bold colours. Plants and nature prints or abstract prints can really set your shelves apart from the rest. 

Shelf Theme
Step 2: Think about the placement of your items 

The layout of your prints and accessories is essential for creating a stunning feature bookshelf. Incorporate varied levels, layers and picture formats to make it look visually appealing in the room. This helps to add contrast and makes the shelves really stand out. 

Step 3:  Incorporate a variety of prints and sizes 

Next, you need to think about the size and types of prints you’d like to feature. Too many prints of the same size can close the space and make your shelf look cluttered. Consider using different sized prints to add variety. Our print sets can be an ideal way to create a theme. 

Step 4: Personalise your shelf 

This is where you can get really creative. Family photos and your favourite homeware accessories can really add a personal touch. Anything that has a sentimental value or importance to you can be added. Go crazy with it. 

Step 5: Admire your shelf 

After all your hard work, it’s now time to sit back and admire your new bookshelf. If it balances out well with the room, adds enough intrigue and character and incorporates your own personalised touch, then it is clear your bookshelf transformation was a success.