The Look: Neutrals

If you are new to interior design, it’s good to know that neutral colours are a secretly substantial element and far from monotonous. No matter the season, neutrals are soft, relaxing and fresh. When redesigning your home, you can create a deluxe feel for a more appealing home atmosphere with soft and neutral tones.

Neutral Colours
Neutrals are the best canvas

These colours are hues that actually appear to be without colour, thus they compliment other bold colours. This makes neutrals the perfect tool in building up décor and style into any room.

The most common neutrals are black, white, brown and grey. These are called pure neutrals. Others include near-neutrals, which have a hue undertone. These include undertones of gold, tan, peach or even pink.

You must be careful when playing around with neutrals. Although it may seem like an effortless look, it is quite the opposite. If you don’t do it right, you could end up with a very boring room. Here’s is how to avoid this:

The Sophisticated Look
The Sophisticated Look

An easy way to achieve the sophisticated look is with layering. Choose a colour, for example pink or orange and use light undertones to create a harmony in colours. Lighter shades are perfect for a home with dark wood beams, wood flooring or dark furniture.

The Homely Look
The homely Look

Varied tones of similar colours are crucial to building a neutral look. A good neutral room requires subtle variations of colours, for example, cream with whites and light browns create a delicate and relaxing feel. For the homely feel, choose warm colours like peach and pink.


This Abstract Neutral Gallery Wall is comprised of five classic earth-toned artworks, highlighted by gold accents to produce an elegant and sophisticated collection, and great for bringing other accents in the room forward.

Abstract Neutral Gallery Wall

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