5 Ways To Display Your Art

When it comes to making your own wall art, finding the right display is important for creating the right aesthetic. Art is a feature that enhances inspiration and creativity, having the power to transform a room with different effects. When wanting to refresh the look of your home, here are 5 ways to display your art that you should consider.

Sun Silhouette Print Set Of 3 in Black Frames
Abstract Blue Swirl Print Set of 3
1. rule of 3

Odd numbers are more eye catching than a usual set up of a single frame. For a symmetrical look, arranging art in an ordered fashion creates a calming and elegant style in the room, as well as collectively creating a horizontal picture, like this Sun Silhouette Print Set of 3, visually striking with a pop of colour. We sell a wide range of sets of prints, with mesmerising colours to match your room.

You don’t need to have matching sized prints in a row though. Arranging different sized frames in an asymmetrical manner creates a more casual and creative ambience and can fill an awkward space perfectly.

Abstract Modern Grey Gallery Wall
Staircase Art
2. Staircase

When renovating, ideas are easy to conjure when it comes to the bedroom or living room, however, an often overlooked space is the staircase. Displaying art up your stairs can have a major impact, as often it’s the first thing you see when you enter a home. You can create a bold, focussed statement with a print set rising with the stairs, or create a gallery wall with a range of sizes and designs.

3. oversized prints

A statement piece can certainly transform a room. Choosing the right print is crucial in this case as you want to create the right effect, either with a colour or patterns that stand out distinctly in the room, like this Geometric Lion Print, or a more subtle serene quality, like the Flock of Birds Print

Geometric Tiger Jungle Art Print in Black Frame with Mount
Beige Flock of Birds Print in Natural Frame
Circle Fountain Art Print in White Frame with Mount
Birds On A Line Silhouette Print in Black Frame with Mount
4. off the wall

For a relaxed and laid-back aesthetic, diverting from conventional ways of hanging art is a great idea for bringing a creative look into your home. Steering away from having art at eye level by resting large paintings and prints on the floor brings impact and originality to your home décor.

5. shelf or sideboard

By propping up a framed print, a bookshelf or sideboard can be brought to life. Mixing art with objects, such as a sculpture, lamp or books, adds dimension to a room. For a more daring décor, place a framed print in unusual spaces, such as a kitchen or bathroom shelf. It can completely alter your home look.

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